Morocco Carpet
& Flooring Trade Show

Casablanca – February 28 – March 2

After the first edition that drew particular interest, especially from national and foreign buyers and decision-maker, the upcoming edition, and in addition to handmade carpets, will be extended to floor covering such as zellige, wood, tiles, marble, and more.

This second edition of this trade show will showcase the know-how and the expertise of Moroccan artisans handed-down from generation to generation, through a selection of handmade products that reflect new trends, lifestyles and styles that meet the consumer requirements, especially in terms of design and creativity.

The MOROCCO CARPET AND FLOORING TRADE SHOW will take place over a period of 4 days, the first 2 days will be exclusively dedicated to professionals, while the last days will be opened to the wider public interested in discovering the selection of showcased products.

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Customized coaching will be available to drive business making. An integrated service offering will be available on-site to cover technical, administrative, logistical as well as freight needs.