After the success of the first edition of the International Forum, which marked the opening of the 7th edition of the National Craftsmanship Week and was highly appreciated by participants for its themes and quality of discussions, the second edition of the « International Art and Craft Connect » forum is scheduled for February 28th, 2024, in Casablanca. The event will feature high-level speakers and panelists.

The forum, which will bring together the national and international community of the craft ecosystem (including institutional representatives, artisans, designers, architects, international carriers and distributors, e-commerce operators, electronic payment operators, etc.), will focus on issues and challenges that sector operators must address in a context offering countless development opportunities.



  • Thinking about the main issues and challenges facing the craft sector worldwide;
  • Foster commercial partnerships and doing business development ;
  • Discuss international trends and new demand and market requirements;
  • Establish a platform for developing exchange and synergies within international ecosystem;
  • Sharing experiences and best practices.



About 400 people from both the public and the private sectors (institutions, artisans, companies, professional buyers, designers, interior decorators, journalists, e-payment and e-commerce operators, forwarders and retailers, and others) from around 25 different countries.

Panels and themes

L'IACC sera structuré autour de 3 panels abordant les thématiques suivantes :

PANEL 1 : Which strategy for Heritage preservation to meet production development and exports challenges of handicraft products?

  • Overview of the challenges facing the development of the Handicraft production and its preservation.
  • Regulations as an essential factor for the development of Handicraft products trade and the preservation of craft master know-how.
  • The role of quality labels in promoting handicraft exports and preserving tangible and intangible heritage.
  • Trademarks, designs, and models and their role in the development of the international trade in Handicrafts.

PANEL 2 : Strategies and supporting measures to boost production and exports of handicrafts: overview and trends

  • What are the challenges and the strategies for supporting operators in Handicrafts production and exports?
  • The issues involved in the modernization of the Handicraft sector and the development of the entrepreneurial mindset to take full advantage of business opportunities.
  • How can handicraft operators compete with the rise of mass production?
  • Developing Fair trade in Handicrafts products.

PANEL 3 : Digital transformation of Handicrafts’ operators: issues and main challenges:

  • What are the challenges and levers involved in accelerating the digital transformation of Handicrafts’ operators ?
  • E-commerce Handicraft products : present situation and future trends.
  • Securing payments for international trade.
  • Information and communications technology new trends serving Digital Marketing.

Program and running schedule*

08H45 - 10H00

Participants registration and welcoming reception

09H15 - 09H45

Inauguration officielle du Morocco Carpet & Flooring Trade Show Discours officiels

10H00 - 10H05

Forum opening and introductory film

10H15 - 10H30

Officials’ speeches

10H30 - 10H40

Speech by the keynote speaker

10H40 - 11H05

Partnership agreements signings

11H05 - 11H30

Coffee break

11H30 - 12H15

Panel 1 : Which strategy for Heritage preservation to meet production development challenges and exports of handicraft products?

12H15 - 13H00

Panel 2 : Strategies and supporting measures to boost production and exports of handicrafts: overview and trends

13H00 - 14H00


14H00 - 14H45

Panel 3 : The digital transformation of Handicrafts’ operators: issues and main challenges.

14H45 - 15H00

Discussion with the honored guest «Day and event participation review”

15H00 - 15H30


15H30 - 16H00

Forum closing and recommendations